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SALE 27.02.20

Join us at our Technology & Gaming centre for one of our much loved gaming sessions for disabled adults (18 years and older) on Thursday 27th February, 

We have various games and control methods to ensure everyone can game! So, if your disability holds you back from gaming, we will match technology to your needs to ensure you can play. We have large screens for group gaming, Virtual Reality and a driving rig.

The gaming sessions are free for disabled adults and if you’d like to play along with a family member or friend that is not disabled you can bring up to 2 guests to join in. Please ensure you select a ticket for each person who will be taking part in the session and then also a ticket for any parents and carers that will be bringing them along. We have a seating area for parents and carers to wait and watch the fun, though you are more than welcome to join in!

If you feel you may struggle to join in due to your disability please give us a call on 0808 800 0009 and we can talk things through so we can look at ways in which to support and include you into the group.