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SALE 05.08.20 – CHILD

Join us at our Technology & Gaming centre for one of our much loved gaming sessions for disabled children on Wednesday 5th August, we have two sessions but please note you can only book onto one.

We have various games and control methods to ensure everyone can game! So, if your disability holds you back from gaming, we will match technology to your needs to ensure you can play.

Due to COVID-19 and the changes to our centre PLEASE read the following guidelines before booking and attending

  • Social distancing measures will be in place so if you feel your child won’t be able to adhere to them please hold off on coming until these rules are lifted.
  • Due to a lower capacity if you can no longer attend PLEASE cancel your ticket
  • Please make your child/children aware there will ONLY be multiplayer games using the big screens – no virtual reality, single player games or arcade machine.
  • Staff and volunteers will be wearing PPE
  • Bean bags for gamers are marked 2m apart, please don’t move them unless it is closer to people who live in your household.
  • No refreshments will be provided but you’re welcome to bring your own drinks
  • Hand sanitising stations are situated in various locations in the centre, please make use of them.
  • Please make children aware that due to having less stations children won’t be able to change games as freely.
  • Children will have to ask to change gaming stations so we can wipe down controllers, bean bags and ensure there is space somewhere else for them.
  • Only the disabled toilet will be in use for gamers, please follow the one-way system to use the toilet.

Booking can be done here: