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We’ve had Our First ‘Everyone Can Game’ Session at the Brand New Technology Centre

New centre for gaming with Everyone Can charity

That’s right; from Wednesday 23rd May the team at Everyone Can opened the doors to the new, fully-furnished and kitted-out technology centre where we will be holding our (soon to be) legendary gaming sessions, assistive technology assessments, and tech-training workshops. Following the opening of the centre, we then went on to hold our first ‘Everyone Can Game’ experience the following Wednesday and Thursday. We had a lot of fun with a lot of friends, old and new, and we really want to tell you all about it!

When Did it All Begin?

A long, long, time ago when dinosaurs ruled the – okay, maybe it wasn’t so far back, but around 17 years ago the Everyone Can charity was set up, under another name, with the objective to educate people on the best electronic assisted technology design to improve lives and give independence to people living with disabilities. From the simplest digital solutions to the most innovative, our assessment services and technology training workshops have transformed the lives of so many wonderful people who are challenged daily by their disability.

In 2014, continuing with our super successful assistive technology work, we decided we had something more to offer to the disabled community – and their carers and loved ones. And so began, ‘Everyone Can Game’.

Why We Created ‘Everyone Can Game’

Everyone Can Game

Life for kids with disabilities will often be consumed by their disability. Everyone Can Game offers an escape from that since we are able to provide an all-encompassing gaming experience for people of all disabilities. Not only that, we think being a part of a community is the best way to feel like you belong. Our gaming sessions offer just that; a community full of happy faces, great fun, and lots of friendships are made along the way. For four years we have done all we can to provide our travelling gaming sessions to as many people as possible, but at the start of 2018 it was time to take it to the next level.

We Need Somewhere Bigger and Better!

It has been around six months since we started our secret project – to have a purpose-designed space offering the ultimate gaming experience for disabled people, their carers, and their families. Previously we were transporting our gaming facilities and equipment to different disability centres, sometimes limiting the amount of equipment and the number of gaming stations we were able to offer.

Our promise is to offer an uncompromised gaming experience with more life and lights than people gaming from home, or people unable to game at all, can experience. We realised that we would need a HQ that was permanently set up for our growing community of gamers. It would be the perfect mix of fun and function with big comfy beanbags to sit on, plenty of space to move around in, enormous custom-built screens (done by the Everyone Can team!), and a café/chill out zone for those who prefer a good natter over great gaming – apparently they exist?

With our vision in mind, and then put to paper, we set about building the best gaming centre possible which would bring people with all disabilities together in a street-driving, disco-dancing, monster-combatting community.

What Happens on a Gaming Day?

Now that we have the permanent centre, our setting up duties have somewhat reduced! Before you all arrive, we make sure the equipment is ready, pop the kettle on, and make some juice. We stick around throughout the gaming sessions to welcome everyone in, make sure you’re registered and stay on standby to help out any of the kids, suggest games, and set them up!

Keep a look out on our website and social media for upcoming gaming sessions which we hope will become more and more frequent now that we have the new centre! You can also get in touch with the Everyone Can team to learn more about what we have on offer. Hope to see you soon!