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Let’s Talk Assistive Technology Workshops

assistive technology workshop

We hope you know by now that here at Everyone Can HQ in Sale, Manchester, we have made it our mission to help disabled people live with as much independence as possible – whilst throwing in some all-inclusive fun along the way. There are lots of ways in which we have been able to truly transform the lives of disabled people, and we have the wonders of technology to thank for that. Alongside our much loved (by the Everyone Can team and the kids) gaming sessions, where our custom built screens and specialist gaming stations and consoles enable children with even the most severe disabilities to get stuck in, we provide assistive technology assessments and electronic Assistive Technology (eAT) workshops – that was quite a mouthful! In previous blogs we have focused on the who, what, when, where, and why of assessments. This week we are going to look in a little more detail at our Assistive Technology workshops.

What is an Assistive Technology Workshop?

As Julie Andrews sang in The Sound of Music, let’s start at the very beginning. Led by our very own tech experts who have many years’ experience in assistive technology, the eAT workshops are our opportunity to showcase and explain what can be made possible for disabled people through the powers of digital technology. During the workshop we will cater for all types of technology such as computers, phones and tablets and demonstrate how they work and why they are beneficial.

We will also run through a few cases studies to show how technology has impacted the lives of disabled people by increasing their level of independence and their confidence. Since it is a workshop, we like to keep things interactive. After a short talk there will be an opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about the technology. Following that, it’s your chance to try out the technology!

Where Are the Assistive Technology Workshops Held?

The great thing about having our new technology and gaming centre in the heart of Sale, is that we have a fantastic all-accessible space where we keep all of our equipment. This is the best spot to hold our assistive technology workshops since we can show you the full range and full potential of the assistive technology available.

Of course, we completely understand that getting to the centre might be too tricky for some, so we can also pack up whatever we can and hold a workshop with an external organisation or a location that is better suited to you – just let us know!

Who Can Attend the Assistive Technology Workshops?

The Everyone Can assistive technology workshops are open to everyone! It might be that you recently had an assistive technology assessment with us, in which case we usually invite you along to answer any questions you have once your new equipment has arrived or the software has been added to your device. It might also be that you are attending for an introduction to the type of digital technology that can really benefit your everyday tasks, or joining the workshop as a carer or support worker for a disabled person or on behalf of a loved one.

Everyone Can is a charity with a long history in helping disabled people, by using technology. If you believe that assistive technology could help you or a loved one to have more independence, or if you would like to learn more about your options with assistive technology, get in touch with the team!