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Let the games begin – Everyone Can are back!

After 4 long months of closing the doors to our Technology & Gaming centre the team at Everyone Can are SO excited to announce we will be reopening next week!

Back in March we sadly had to pause our services for the disabled community, however we knew this was the correct decision as people’s health is of upmost importance.

I think we can all agree lockdown has been a roller coaster of emotions! COVID-19 turned our world upside down, we went from socialising with friends and family to being told to stay home and stop any form of face to face interaction.

For some of our gamers it has been even more difficult, change of routine can cause huge amounts of stress and no longer attending our weekly gaming sessions has had a big effect. It took some of them a long time to feel familiar with our centre, to gain confidence and make friends so lockdown has put a pause on this and ultimately caused feelings of isolation. Now lockdown is being eased it is so important for us to reopen and bring our gaming community back together so we can reverse the feeling of isolation and continue to help grow their confidence.

The measures Everyone Can are putting in place

If you’ve been to our centre before, you’ll know our gaming sessions are always busy. As well as the disabled gamers their siblings and parents also come along and enjoy socialising with others. To ensure we can follow social distancing measures we will be reducing the capacity of our sessions – but to make sure people don’t miss out, we will be holding more sessions!

We usually encourage children to jump on the sofas and play alongside others on their favourite games but to ensure children adhere to social distancing we have placed comfy bean bags 2 meters apart and thanks to our large screens we can still have 3 gamers on each game!

PPE and plenty of cleaning equipment has also been purchased so we can wipe down everything once gamers wish to move onto the next game. Hand sanitiser wall mounts have been placed throughout the centre and staff will be wearing masks and gloves so we are still able to help gamers when needed. 

Check out a video tour of the centre and our new guidelines here…

How can I book?

If you wish to attend their first child gaming session on Wednesday 22nd July head here. Please note, more gaming sessions will be put on once we know social distancing can be adhered to and everything runs smoothly!