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Get Excited About Our ‘Everyone Can Game’ Experience!

Get excited about Everyone Can Game Session

At Everyone Can, we want to make sure that everyone, can. That means everyone can control their home environment, communicate and get through life with as much independence as possible, no matter the challenges faced. We have masses of experience in performing assessments and working out what technology will best support you, as a carer or as a person living with a disability.

There’s something else that we’re pretty good at. Putting our techy-heads together, we aim to bring the best interactive gaming experience to everyone and we want to take this time to shout about why you should get involved – and how!

How ‘Everyone Can Game’ Started

Our team is made up of a bunch of gamers and creative thinkers who want to make sure that Everyone Can Game. As self-confessed game-a-holics, we know how much fun gaming can give to a person. Playing with or against our fellow gamers makes us feel a part of something greater than someone sitting in front of a screen with a console. We are a community, combatting monsters and mobsters together. For most, being able to game easily is a given. For people with a disability, gaming can be difficult, if not impossible.

Needing to change this, Everyone Can Game began. Since starting some 4 years ago, we have had the same approach. We don’t do compromising with our gaming sessions; we design and custom build our gaming stations so that disabled and non-disabled people alike can get the incredible buzz from a full-bodied gaming experience.

What to Expect from Our ‘Everyone Can Game’ Session

We have the latest gaming equipment set up in our fully-furnished, custom-made gaming zone that we think is the perfect balance of comfort and fun. All you need to do is show up, ready to get your game on. We offer some of the most recent and best enjoyed games out there so you can have the greatest gaming experience available, for all the family and carers to enjoy.

For those not into the gaming ways (we don’t really understand why, but we respect your decision) you can sit back, relax, or have a good natter with fellow non-gamers in our Everyone Can Café.

How To Find Out About the Next ‘Everyone Can Game’ Session

We’re always planning ahead to deliver the Everyone Can Game experience to as many people as possible. Keep an eye out on our website and social media accounts for our upcoming events. You can also get in touch with one of our friendly team members.

A Date for The Diary – Opening Our Shiny, New Dedicated Gaming Centre

That’s right, on Wednesday 23rd May we are opening the doors to our brand new technology centre for disabled people. It is a space for you to relax, make friends, and become a part of a community. The open day will be running 10am-1pm, so if you have a disability, or know someone who could benefit from our services, pop along for a nosey, a drink, and a natter!

For more information and to discuss your specific requirements get in touch with the team. We understand that not everyone can travel to the centre; if you are in that position, we have a more compact gaming experience that we can bring directly to you. Please contact Everyone Can to find out our current availability.