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Well, it’s safe to say this year’s Game Together has left us truly blown away! The support we have received has been phenomenal and we are overwhelmed to reveal we have raised just over £13,000 for our charity.

Due to COVID-19 we had to make some changes to this year’s 24-hour gaming marathon and sadly couldn’t have a big gaming party at our Technology & Gaming centre like previous years. This left us wondering whether we’d raise more than last year, but with the amazing support we’ve received from streamers, fundraisers and every single donor we’ve SMASHED last year’s amount raised.

What happened at Game Together 2020?

If you’re not aware of Game Together, it is our annual 24-hour gaming marathon that we do to raise vital funds for our charity!

This year the staff and some very dedicated fundraisers gamed at our Technology & Gaming centre for 24 hours and streamed the whole thing on Twitch. Due to social distancing we were limited how many could attend the centre but we had a small yet mighty team; with fundraisers Toby, Andy and Ellis raising over £1,200 for their gaming challenges! Andy set himself some fundraising goals and once he reached £500 it meant Paul had to dye his hair green!!

We all had a long 24 hours ahead of us but to keep busy and see some motivating, familiar faces we held two socially distanced gaming sessions throughout the day for the children that use our centre. As always it was wonderful to see their faces, play some games with them and a reminder just who and what we’re doing this fundraiser for!

Our streamers

As well as the Everyone Can stream we had 25 other awesome people streaming throughout the weekend all to raise funds for Game Together. Throughout the weekend our streamers committed whatever time they could to tell their viewers about us, play some games and raise vital funds.

It’s safe to say we all had a lot of fun, during the weekend there was hair dyeing, leg waxing, spicy eating challenges, fancy dress and loads more! We want to thank each and every streamer for the hours they dedicated to help towards Game Together – you and your Twitch communities pulled it out of the bag!

Once the weekend was over it didn’t mean the fundraising was over! The team at Fierce PC held a charity raffle for an Apex: Legends Mirage PC! They’d been selling tickets all week and on the Tuesday night they chose the winner live on their Twitch Channel. We’d like to say a huge thanks to everyone at Fierce PC for arranging this and supporting the event.

Game Together 2021

We don’t like to wish time away but I think we can all agree 2020 has been a bit of a strange year! So, lets cheer ourselves up and look forward to 2021! We already have our date for Game Together set in the diary and we’d love for you to do the same! Next year Game Together will be held on Saturday 25th September – Sunday 26th September, 10am – 10am.

We’ve done amazing with the total raised this year but of course we still want to beat it next year! So, if you’re a streamer and would like to help make a difference to disabled gamers and ensure they can game together express your interest by emailing us: We will then add you to our streaming list and be in touch nearer the time. Whether it be for 24 minutes or 24 hours, we’d love your support and will provide you with a streaming pack, Game Together t-shirt and any other resources you may need.

A huge thanks again for the support this year, bring on Game Together 2021!