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News 03-04-2020

How we can help during COVID-19

As you all know we are currently unable to carry out any work at our Technology & Gaming Centre. With the lock down guidelines in place to help tackle COVID-19 we can't help the disabled community face to face but we want you to know we can still help in other ways.

News 30-03-2020

How Technology can help during social distancing – Video call apps

At our Technology & Gaming Centre we see every day how technology can help people! Now we're working from home and facing lock down we're also seeing how technology is helping people through this tough time. Thanks to mobile phones, computers and tablets we're still able to carry on working but best of all able to see our family and friends!

News 18-03-2020


It is with a huge regret that we are having to cancel all of our upcoming  group gaming sessions this week and  put them completely on hold until things get better. However, we have to heed the governments advice and guidelines in order to ensure that these regrets are not overshadowed by the outcomes that could arise from us not doing so.

Who we've helped 10-02-2020


Not all disabilities are visible and to look at 14-year-old Kian you would be forgiven if you didn’t realise the struggles he has faced and still faces to this day. However, thanks to the dedicated work that Everyone Can have provided, Kian now has a place he feels safe enough to begin to challenge himself and engage in his community.