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Who we've helped 18-01-2021


Zac doesn’t want to be limited to just one button games! Most 17-year-olds LOVE to play video games, and Zac is no different!

News 03-11-2020


In light of the government announcement on Saturday we will sadly have to close our centre again from Friday 23rd October. We are truly gutted this has had to happen again but it is important that we adhere to government guidelines.

News 06-10-2020


Well, it’s safe to say this year’s Game Together has left us truly blown away! The support we have received has been phenomenal and we are overwhelmed to reveal we have raised just over £13,000 for our charity. Due to COVID-19 we had to make some changes to this year’s 24-hour gaming marathon and sadly couldn’t have a big gaming party at our Technology & Gaming centre like previous years. This left us wondering whether we’d raise more than last year, but with the amazing support we’ve received from streamers, fundraisers and every single donor we’ve SMASHED last year’s amount raised.

Who we've helped 24-09-2020


Video games can be a huge part of some people’s life; whether it’s for fun, pursuing gaming professionally or a chance to socialise online with friends. I am sure anyone would agree to have your favourite hobby taken away from you would impact your life massively. Meet Qasim, a 26-year-old who loves to game! Like most avid gamers he has been playing games since he was a small child, he told us it has always been his favourite hobby and his main interest from a very young age.