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Who we've helped 03-12-2018

Leigh’s family

Leigh has four boys, three of which have a disability. Jordan has Cerebral Palsy, Callum has autism, Jamie has ADHD and Cameron is non-disabled. All four boys and Leigh have been coming to our weekly gaming sessions since we opened our centre back in May - they haven't missed one! Our gaming sessions provide an activity that all four boys can enjoy and Jordan is able to participate in despite his physical disability.

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Who we've helped 07-02-2018


Mike has graduated with a first from Cambridge and is employed by a high profile advertising agency in London - although impressive, this story by itself is not unique. That is until you realise what Mike has had to overcome to make these achievements.  

Who we've helped 07-02-2018


I think we can all agree, speaking is a part of everyday life. It would be almost impossible to go a day without needing to talk to people, whether it be to a family member, friends or whilst out shopping. Just imagine what life would be like if you weren't able to speak...